Our process

1. Initial Meetings / Costings 
Before you decide to go with Kitchen Spectrum, there will be some initial meetings where the team can find out more about your ideas, offer information and advice, work through options with you, write up the scope of works and give you a quote based on the range of materials, options and the scope of your project. Some design drawings might be done in this stage, as this helps Kitchen Spectrum know what needs to be done and offers you a clearer picture of the best solution. Some clients already have a budget in mind in the initial meetings, so if you do, let us know and we can provide choices that will help the project sit within your budget zone. We'll also give you an estimation of turnaround time based on our current projects and resource available to deliver in this stage.

2. Sign off to proceed with Kitchen Spectrum
If your happy with the scope of works and all the specs provided by Kitchen Spectrum and are keen to go ahead with us, we'll get you to sign off and give us official confirmation. At this time issue we will issue a deposit invoice. This is usually a third of the project costs. Once this deposit is paid and we have received confirmation of this, we will then lock the job into our schedule and advise you of firmer timelines moving forward on your project.

3. Re-look over design plan and details
At this stage we will start to finalise and lock in all the finer details of your project. This would be discussing colour, finishings, handles, detailing, benchtop, etc. Your estimate may go up or down dependant on any changes at this time. This is the best stage to make any final refinements to avoid any extra costs or delays to the timeline later on. We will then commence with a final site measure and then start the manufacturing of your kitchen.  

4. Manufacturing
Your cabinetry is built in our factory and is open to an inspection during the build prior to the final inspection before installation. If we've got any custom items, sometimes we prototype these and have you come to the factory before hand to see this first-hand. We will let you know. During this stage another progress payment is issued which helps assist with covering the materials for your project.

5. Installation
Installation will happen on a day that suits you. We will make arrangements for this and give you plenty of notice. The average kitchen takes a full day so we recommend you allow a minimum of day for this. 

6. Final Signoff
We aim to make sure you love your Kitchen Spectrum cabinetry, so on completion of instal we'll meet up to see that the project has been completed to our high standards and also that you love the end result. At this stage we will then send through the final invoice to wrap the job up.

Our face to face meetings are great for getting across any ideas you might have. We suggest writing down your ideas and at the same time if you can create moodboards or gather example images of what you are liking this will help in getting your ideas across to our team.