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Kitchen Spectrum is a leading custom kitchen manufacturer based in Auckland. We specialise in helping create your perfect kitchen, laundry or cabinetry elements for your space. Bespoke custom work is our speciality and over the years we have created many unique solutions for clients.

We're an experienced family team who can work with you to craft your ideal layout and build in the features you want. Because we deal in the more unique and bespoke, we can help those who have an eye for design, to shape their ideas and turn those ideas into reality.


We have a proven process of delivering great results for hundreds of clients. We make sure that we communicate with you throughout the process so you know whats going on.


Our kitchens, cabinets, laundry and wardrobes are custom solutions. We craft exactly to your requirements and involve you in every part of the process. We don't just give you the standard template solution.

"I'm so incredibly happy with my kitchen made by Kitchen Spectrum. I'm a super fussy client and feel that they met every demand. I loved the end result and still to this day the kitchen feels like a new kitchen. Initially I wanted an imported Italian Kitchen from Poliform but the budget wouldn't stretch that far. I really feel as though I have a kitchen that is such high quality but at a more affordable price. I'm now doing another kitchen and am using Kitchen Spectrem again as I know and trust the style and quality. "

Newmarket, Auckland
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